Academic Preparation Program

The Academic Preparation Program, available in online or hybrid formats and spanning 4 weeks, offers a condensed and fast-tracked alternative to the English Preparation Program – Advanced Level. 

This program is tailored for students who possess a higher level of English proficiency. It aims to provide a focused and efficient pathway for these students to enhance their academic English skills in a shorter timeframe compared to the standard English Preparation Program

The Academic Preparation Program can serve as a prerequisite for enrolling in the diploma or certificate program for specific international students.

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This intensive program is designed for students wishing to enhance their academic skills, and prepare them for professional development and success. The program offers a 4-module curriculum which deals with a wide variety of strategies which will enable students to improve their knowledge of resume writing, job search and interview preparation, presentation techniques, meeting and networking, teamwork, and much more.

The program will also prepare students with the academic background that is often necessary to enter one of our many vocational programs

What to expect by the end of the program

By the end of the Academic Preparation Course, you can expect to have gained the following skills and knowledge academically:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Business themes which focus on the importance of Punctuality and Attendance in a professional setting.
  • Thematic units which focus on Resumes, Ethics, Relationship Building and Career Success.

Program Details

The Course consists of 4 modules spread out over a four-week period, which are covered in theory (virtual classroom), as follows:

Weekly Topics:

Week 1  Resumes

  • Interviews
  • Job Search
  • Recruiting Process

Week 2  Ethics

  • Presentation Skills
  • Research
  • Corporate Culture

Week 3  Relationship Building

  • Networking
  • Understanding Diagrams
  • LinkedIn
  • Communication

Week 4  Career Success

  • Meetings
  • Corporate Structures
  • Official/Work Politics

Sample Course Tasks:

Sample Course Tasks:

  • Participate in Topic Discussion
  • Work in Groups or Pairs
  • Prepare a Resume
  • Set up a LinkedIn Profile
  • Analyse a Job Description
  • Research a Company
  • Perform a Presentation on Ethics
  • Participate in Mingling Exercises
  • Prepare and Participate in the 30 Seconds Commercial
  • Complete a Communication Style Assessment
  • Complete Reading Comprehension Assignments
  • Follow Directions as Given
  • Conduct a Job Search
  • Engage in Small Talk
  • Take Notes as Required
  • Prepare Interviews Questions & Answers
  • English Assessment resulting in a band of 5 or higher in IELTS equivalency.

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