Payroll Compliance Professional Certificate Courses

CanNorth College’s Payroll Compliance Professional (PCP) Certificate Courses focuses on the three core courses that prepare you for payroll-related employment opportunities and PCP certification from the National Payroll Institute (NPI). Contact us today for more information!

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Payroll Compliance Professional Certificate Courses
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You will develop essential knowledge and skills in Canadian payroll management, employer/employee relationships, payroll laws, net pay calculation, termination payments, employment records, remittance types/frequencies, payroll transactions, and year-end reporting.

Further Study

If you wish to study further, our courses smoothly transition you into our Computerized Accounting and Payroll diploma program at a budget-friendly rate. 

Program Details

The Course focuses on the three core courses:


Payroll Compliance Legislation 

  • Get an introduction to the
    payroll compliance obligations that impact many organizations and better
    understand payroll objectives.
  • Learn to effective
    communication with stakeholders.
  • Identify employer-employee
    relationships before payments.
  • Apply relevant federal and
    provincial legislation such as CPP, Employment Insurance Act, Worker’s
    Compensation Acts, and others.

Payroll Fundamentals 1 (PF1)

  • Learn to calculate net pay
    in both standard and irregular scenarios.
  • Understand legislative
    guidelines for termination payments and their computation.
  • Explore the significance of
    the Record of Employment (ROE) and acquire skills in completing them in both
    electronic and paper formats.


Payroll Fundamentals 2 (PF2)

  • Study the types and frequencies of various federal and provincial remittances.
  • Calculate and report remittances to federal, provincial, and other stakeholders, such as unions, courts and other departments and ministries.
  • Record payroll transactions in the accounting system.
  •  Complete the year-end reporting (T-4 and RL-1)

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